A year in the books.

It’s been over a month since we’ve had our official 1-year birthday party. And over a year since we’ve opened our doors. I feel like maybe it’s time to write at least a little something looking back on this last year.

All in all, it’s been an amazing year. I routinely have these moments where I step back and just let our employees to their thing. It’s a trip in those moments where the shop is bustling with people, conversations being had over cappuccinos and croissants, students cramming for finals, and bagels being busted out by the dozen. I always find myself questioning how the heck this is happening. Like, how do you all even know we’re here? This tiny shop off El Cajon Blvd? However you do, welcome + thank you.

This last year, we hosted a few parties, served thousands and thousands of pounds of coffee, ate so many bagels, etc. We took over a little cafe in Tijuana (so funnnn!), had a friend and his roasting co (Tyler/Tired Eyes!!!) take over our little shop while another friend did some super rad art things (Katie/Crimson Clover/Little Dame!!!) and made an insane amount of new friends. It’s been an incredibly fun, exciting and insane first year.

With that being said, we have a big second year planned. We plan on continuing to rotate out roasters, add fun & new food items & experiences, new seasonal signature drinks, and doing fun events. We’d like to make public cuppings with our friends over at Coffee & Tea Collective a regular thing, in addition to constantly tasting new samples we receive from other roasters.

I’ll keep it short & sweet for now, but there’s lot’s we’ve got up our sleeves. Thanks again to you for sticking around through this first year, we know it has been bumpy at times, but we’re always striving to improve.

See you soon.


Scrimshaw Coffee