Our Philosophy


Here at Scrimshaw Coffee, we are firm believers in the value of adventure. 
Adventures can travel great distances or take you just down the road. They are those things that make us feel: big, alive, curious, exhilarated, maybe even afraid, but at the end of it, we’re glad we did it, glad we went there and glad we braved those waters.

There’s no rule-book for adventures. For us, building Scrimshaw out from a raw idea, a feeling of inspiration and a love for coffee, into a functioning space for people to enjoy was and still is, a great adventure.

Here at Scrimshaw, we believe that high quality is what sets specialty coffee apart. Every decision we make is made through this lens of quality, from the coffee served to the customer service offered to our guests. We love that we get to be a part of our guest's day and we want to send people out into the world feeling better, happier, and just more stoked in general.

We humans are still figuring this coffee thing out. In the grand scheme of things, we've only been preparing modern coffee for a few decades. Compare that to the millennia that people have been enjoying beer and wine and it's a drop in the bucket. At Scrimshaw Coffee we feel it's our responsibility to push boundaries and to experiment with techniques, flavors and ingredients to contribute to new discoveries and new adventures. 

Although modern coffee is young and ever-changing, coffee houses have been around for centuries and for centuries they have been bringing people together. Scrimshaw Coffee carries the torch of this tradition. We like to see people from all walks of life gathering in our shop as well as sharing their thoughts and photos online and we love being involved in community events and collaborating with other local businesses. We believe coffee should foster new friends and new ideas (we thought about also adding "new adventures" again but we knew you'd roll your eyes at us, so we didn't). 

We look forward to meeting you.