Brain dump #1.

Hello interweb, Will here. 

I'm one part of a project we're calling Scrimshaw Coffee. I guess all the cool kids are blogging these days, so we felt we should at least make an attempt at it. We're not sure what shape this blog is going to to take, but we figured it'd be a good place to update with news, steps, as well as just getting stuff off our chest, whether that be good or bad. That, plus it'll be so rad to go back and read this in a few years. So here goes.

Opening a cafe in San Diego is an exciting, daunting, stress-inducing but rewarding endeavor. We've had our space now for almost 8 months, and it feels like virtually nothing has happened. However, a lot has happened. Too much to type out without losing your attention in like, .25 seconds.

There's been so much doo-doo to wade through up till now, and I'm sure theres more to come. It's been easy to get frustrated, or forget why we're doing all this. But then you do what I just did; take a coffee break, catch up with an old neighbor who you haven't seen in a while, nerd out on a new espresso with the barista, who is also an old friend, and get ready to crush the rest of the day.  We feel that coffee, and the environment in which it's served, is simply a vehicle for a great moment in a persons day. That's why we're doing it. 

Don't get me wrong, San Diego has no void in coffee shops. But ones that truly capture the spirit of the neighborhood they call home, ones want to push specialty coffee forward, and ones that truly want to be there for you, seem few and far between. 

It's been an adventure. And it's only just beginning. We hope that you, gracious reader, will join us on this adventure & come visit us in the College Area soon. As soon as we open, that is. 

- W


Scrimshaw Coffee