This is Future Me

I was wondering what I would say if I popped back in time about two years ago and stopped in to say “hello” to myself. I had to sit for a few moments and really feel it out and not just say the first thing on my mind.

These are the final weeks before opening and my emotional state can swing 180* in a matter of minutes. I really wanted to dig in and imagine talking to myself at the beginning of this journey.

I was surprised to find that my response was adamant:
“Yes! You have to do this. It will not be easy but it will be new. It will teach you more than any semester in school. It will challenge you in ways you’ve never been and it will ultimately strengthen you on some deep, emotional and spiritual level.”

Cool! Thanks, Future Me.

Having to think and make decisions as an owner of business has totally changed the scope of my desires. I used to just want to be a kick-ass barista and learn a bunch about coffee. But the boundaries have been expanded. Of course, I still fantasize daily about pulling tasty espresso in our completed shop but now I look forward to the bigger elements, like, training new baristas and teaching people how to harness their inner leader and bring their strengths to the table. I'm excited to develop new menu ideas and plan a second location with WIll...

If I continue ruminating on these things my mind just keeps going WAY beyond where we’re at now. But I think it’s important to dream. And important to keep looking back in order to see the trajectory of the project. It’s good for learning from the mistakes made and capitalizing on the successes achieved. It’s also fun to fantasize about time travel and talk to your past self. (I didn’t just talk to myself about business stuff. Past me had no idea how cool the new Star Wars trailer was going to be.)

In the future, I hope to share more of my lessons learned and insights gained with people other than just past me.

Until then, this is Current Me, signing off.