It Is What It Is

I wanted my next post to be about the kindness of others and it's impact on our project but since we're not open yet I feel like I'll have more to add over the course of the next few weeks. 

We are just about ready to pour the concrete for our countertop but we've had to delay it by a week so we can close the book on the plumbing and electrical installations. It can get frustrating at times having to reevaluate timelines and pivot our goals but I've been thinking about how important acceptance is to the process. 

Will, Alex (our kick-ass electrician) and I were just talking about the phrase "It is what it is." And say what you will about what an obvious and sometimes erroneous phrase it can be, sometimes I think it helps things move forward. 

Personally I find it super easy to get hung up on the details especially when they don't align exactly with how envisioned them but when I finally reach that point of accepting that it is what it is and that we're just going to have to work with it, all the pieces seem to start moving forward. Sometimes they move in a different direction but man, it beats the hell out of standing still. (Insert shark metaphor here.) 

We can't wait to show you pictures of the finished countertop once it's all poured! 

My drink of the week: Espresso, straight up. 


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