Actual Update!

The other day, somebody asked "Will, what the heck is going on with the shop? Is it open yet?" I thought about it a bit, and upon realizing that our blog has mostly taken the form of personal reflections, it was time to give a proper update on where we're at with things! Then I realized, we haven't even really even given a summary of events thus far, so here goes! Keep in mind, we're doing most of the work ourselves with the help of a few awesome people, learning a ton and spending a lot of time figuring things out. 

A little summary of events:
We've had the space at 5542 El Cajon Blvd since July of 2016. Signed the lease with our concept and plan to move forward. Then in August, we completely changed gears and started over with our model. Spent the next month and a half nailing down architects and begin the process of drawing up plans and going through the motions of the city's red tape. Figured out branding (shout outs to Corinne @!), updated our entire buildings electrical power. Health Department plans approved right after Christmas, city plans approved Mid-January. Will quit his jobs. Spent a few weeks fixing a few details. Come late February we started actually building things, cutting concrete, organizing contractors for plumbing. Began cutting concrete, and digging trenches for underground plumbing. Roger quit his jobMid March, began underground plumbing. Late March/April, Roger got married!!!! Passed first, then second plumbing inspections. Began build out of bar/walls, bathroom remodel. Mapped out electrical, figured out who we're buying equipment from, coffee, materials, etc. 

That's pretty much where we're at right now. I know, it's a lot of time spent for what seems to be not a lot of work. But this has been 2/3rds the battle. We've been paying rent on this sucker a while now, every day costs lots o' money and we're not stoked that we're not open yet. This is obvious motivation for us to get off our butts and bust this thing out. 

Roger and I have both been serving coffee & people for the last 5+ years of our lives. We've gone from serving sometimes hundreds of people on a DAILY basis, to not at all when we quit our jobs. It's weirdly affected our moods and as ridiculous as it sounds, we're kind of beginning to have withdrawals from the lack of socializing and serving. We literally sound like giddy little schoolboys when we talk about the day we open and getting to steam milk and pour coffee for you beautiful people. I'm so excited just thinking about it.

I know that was an extremely long winded update. But it felt good, so I don't apologize. 

We're gonna get this thing open. Soon people, soon.  

- Will



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